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This project was created as a team project for my Web Programming Languages class in the Spring of 2017. I worked with one partner. The goal of the project was to create a website for an online retailer. The products needed to be displayed and use pagination. There needed to be a search and filtering for products. There needed to be a way to register and login. And there needed to be an admin account so that products could be added, deleted, or edited. Orders also needed to be place, though a payment process did not need to be implemented. We also needed an order history page that could be filtered.
I took charge of the website design and did all of the HTML and CSS coding. You can see the rest of the work division below.
Work Division:
User Registration [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
Check Username and Email to see if they already exist in the system [Piyush, Ajax]
Check that all mandatory fields are filled out using JQUERY [Melissa, JQuery]
Check that password is strong enough using JQUERY [Melissa, JQuery]
Store hashed version of password [Piyush, PHP]
Product Listing Page [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
Available to all users, including guests [Melissa]
Allow Product Filtering [Melissa, Ajax/PHP]
Allow Product Search [Melissa, Ajax/PHP]
Paging Functionality [Melissa, Ajax/PHP]
ADMIN: [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
List All Items [Melissa, PHP]
Update Item [Melissa, JQuery/Ajax/PHP]
Delete Item [Melissa, JQuery/Ajax/PHP]
Add Item [Melissa, JQuery/Ajax/PHP]
User Login [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
Verify Login Information [Piyush, PHP]
Start new user session [Piyush, PHP]
Checkout [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
Add items to cart [Piyush, Cookies/PHP]
Show total for cart items [Piyush, Cookies/PHP]
Update inventory when purchases are made [Piyush, PHP]
Order History [HTML/CSS: Melissa]
Load Order History from database [Melissa, PHP/Ajax]
Allow user to select specific order [Melissa, Ajax/PHP]
Database Design: Piyush [Relational Database, PHPMyAdmin]

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