Screenshots of project
Screenshots of the home page, contact page, locations page and about page, more pages coming soon
Existing Website Design
Mock up of the new design that I created using Adobe XD
about this project
This project was done as a learning exercise. The goal of the project was to redesign the website for a local restaurant. So far I have completed a mock up of a new homepage and the contact page, created using Adobe XD. I plan to build out the entire website, update the branding, and create a newsletter. I am documenting my process throughout this project on my blog. For updates visit my blog.
I have begun coding this site, so far I have completed the basic structure of the homepage, contact page, and locations page. I am using Nunjucks to create templates and maintain consistency across the pages moving forward. I created an automatic slideshow on the front page from scratch using JavaScript and CSS for the home page. I used a jquery plugin for the form validation on the contact page, and I used the google maps API for the locations page.

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