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About this project
This project was created as a team project for my Semantic Web class in the Fall of 2017. I worked with three team members. The goal of the project was to create a server using Jena Fuseki, to host a SPARQL endpoint that accessed a database comprised of RDF datasets. We then used this endpoint to query the database, and create visualizations of the data using the Google Visualization API. The project required that we use at least two different data sets and query them in a way that combined the information from them. 
I took charge of the website design and did all of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding. You can see screenshots of the final website, with the visualizations for each query. The code for each query is available in each screenshot as well. The datasets were chosen by one of my teammates, and the first four queries were written by him as well. Queries 5 and 6 were written by me, as well as the code for the visualizations. 

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